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You can contact me by phone, email or FaceBook: page BeadBuggiePict Design, and by FB private message

pict design liz lyall
Foldformed copper bangle

Support & Questions

Call or email me if you have any questions.

+44 (0) 1261 832 414


I can design for customer. Beads, cords, tools, etc are available as well. Jewelry also available at Elgin Library and Imagine on Low Street, The Mercat, Low Street Banff, and Delight Cafe, Banff

I put photos up on the Facebook page, and customers can Private Message, phone or email me if they are interested.  

Customers can  also call or email/message me if they want to have jewelry designed for them.

Payment by PayPal invoice, bank transfer and cheque or call to pay by credit card or Debit card.


UK delivery free.  For all other countries, see shop page

All jewelry is guaranteed as long as I am in business. If a customer is not happy they can return the item as long as it has not been altered. This includes ALL sales!


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